Sea ice levels are at an all-time low


A graph showing how much the earth’s sea ice has fallen is enough to scare even the most vehement climate sceptic.

The graph, compiled by the Arctic Sea Ice blog, shows that the Earth’s sea ice area has plummeted in 2016 compared to previous years.

Picture:Picture: Wipneus

But, according to New Scientist, the graph shows a short-term weather event, stating:

At this time of year, sea ice should be growing rapidly as winter sets in. But the cold air that usually sits over the pole has flowed south over Siberia, while warmer air has flowed north. This has resulted in temperatures an astonishing 20 °C warmer than usual, so sea ice is melting when it should be forming.

It goes on to say, however, that global warming may be making freak weather events, like this one, more likely:

As the planet continues to warm we are going to see even more freakish weather.

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