Ed Miliband actually did a good interview

Three days before the 2010 general election, Gordon Brown found his voice with a barnstorming speech to Citizens UK.

It looks like his successor Ed Miliband may have found his slightly earlier in the campaign with this Absolute Radio interview.

The Labour leader joined host Geoff Lloyd for a 15 minute chat that has been widely praised on social media - even by a former Lib Dem special adviser.

During the interview Miliband busted some myths: he doesn't in fact own a Blue Peter badge, he and David didn't sleep in bunk beds and he called his parents 'mum' and 'dad' as a child rather than by their first names.

Miliband also defended his decision to run against his brother David in the Labour leader contest in 2010, saying:

We offer different things to the Labour party. I was a person who thought we needed to move on from New Labour and I ran for the same reasons that I'm running for prime minister now. I think the country's unfair - it works for the richest and doesn’t work for most people. We've got to change that so we put everyday people, working people, first.

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