This week we’ve heard a lot of talk about when it is and isn’t OK to throw things at politicians.

This has reminded us of simpler times when eggs, not milkshakes, were the order of the day.

In the time before lactose throwing was all the rage, it used to be quite common for politicians to have eggs cracked over them.

In particular, with Nigel Farage pressing charges on a man who threw a milkshake on him, people have been thinking about the time Ed Miliband was egged in 2012.

Rather than kick up a fuss, the then-Labour leader responded with dignity, simply laughing it off and saying:

Oh right, obviously not one of my fans!

Amazingly, he even completed the interview in a relaxed manner.

Given recent events, the clip has been shared on Twitter.

Many people have commended him for his "graceful" handling of the situation compared with Farage.

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