Ed Miliband polls worse than David Cameron in Scotland

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Friday 12 September 2014 15:30

Scottish voters trust Ed Miliband less than David Cameron, according to YouGov data.

The poll asked Scottish people, between September 9 and 11, to rate how much they trusted several politicians.

It found 24 per cent of all respondents said they trusted Miliband, compared to 25 per cent who said they trusted Cameron.

Both leaders were more trusted than Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative party.

Alex Salmond, meanwhile, enjoys almost north Korean levels of trust from supporters of the Yes campaign.

Labour MP Willie Rennie was the least untrusted of the nine politicians surveyed, coming ahead of Gordon Brown, Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Alex Salmond, Nicola Stugeon and Alistair Darling. Former prime minister Brown is the second most trusted, behind Salmond.

H/T Fraser Nelson.

For the full results, see here.

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