Ed Miliband is fast becoming the sass king of Twitter

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The Conservative party is no stranger to rebranding Labour ideas as their own.

Specifically, Ed Miliband's ideas.

The former leader of the Labour Party's best policies were frequently poached by George Osborne and David Cameron.

Like a crackdown on Non-Doms, minimum wage hikes, taxing hedge funds and private equity firms, and ensuring companies train apprentices for every foreigner hired - the Tories changed this into an apprentice levy.

The Milipoaching is a move that has been continued by Philip Hammond, encapsulated best by his crackdown on letting agents in the previous autumn statement - an idea in, er, Labour's 2015 manifesto.

Now a cross-party group of MPs are demanding action to stop the big six energy companies from excessive price rises.

Tory minister John Penrose, one of the MPs who secured the debate on Thursday, said:

Loyal customers are being systematically ripped off by big energy firms, and it’s just not fair.

Most industries don’t exploit their best customers like this, by quietly switching them on to expensive default tariffs when their existing deal comes to an end.

Loyalty should be rewarded, not exploited.

In 2013, Ed Miliband pledged to freeze the price of gas and electricity for every home and business in the UK for 20 months.

At the time, Tory MPs accused him of "sleight of hand" arguing that people would have to pay more for their electricity under the plans.

Ed has pointed out the irony:

And people have noticed:

Others are reminding him that he lost a general election:

It's the latest in a long string of Milisass tweets:

Oh Ed.

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