Video of man carrying daughter into elephant enclosure emerges

Video of man carrying daughter into elephant enclosure emerges

A disturbing clip has been released showing a father carrying his infant daughter into the elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo.

Jose Manuel Navarrette is reported to have attempted to take a selfie with the elephant with his two-year-old daughter, who he is seen carrying into the cage. The elephant is clearly not on board with the unauthorised visitor and lets out a trumpeting charge. As he runs away, trying to quickly slip through the bars, he drops his child.

In the video, posted by ABC News, he is seen grabbing his daughter while the crowd yells, telling him to watch out.

After the incident, Navarrette was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, held on $100,000 bail for investigation of child endangerment, according to reports from ABC News. Arraignment is planned to take place on 30 March. The child went home with her mother.

Speaking to KSWB-TV, Lori Ortale, who saw it happen, heard a woman yelling “Jose, stop” before he entered the elephant enclosure.

“The guys right away were saying, ‘That elephant is going to charge’ and it did,” Ortale continued.

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Speaking about after the incident, Jake Ortale said: “The baby starts crying and people were just mad at this guy.”

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