Eleven times Britain's leading politicians have behaved like absolute children

The nation was treated to our top politicians trading "your mum" jokes in the House of Commons earlier today.

Earlier this week the corridors of power more closely resembled a football stadium when a dozen or so Tory backbenchers started chanting "Who are ya?" at leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

Which got us thinking: it's so great that we don't elect MPs or give them our money for their acumen and wisdom, cos they really do say the darnedest things, don't they? Remember when:

1. David Cameron told Angela Eagle to 'calm down, dear'

2. Boris and Dave took nine minutes to complete a puzzle for toddlers

3. Nigel Farage said he was late to a donor event because of immigration

The M4 just ain't "as navigable as it used to be", apparently.

4. And Tory MP Adam Holloway complained that he couldn't get his hair cut because of refugees

5. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell threw a book across the despatch box. Literally. Threw. A. Book.

6. Umm.

7. When Conservative MP Richard Graham was called out for quoting Goebbels and responded with:

It's clearly absurd to suggest I was quoting Goebbels, [he] would have used German anyway.

8. There was also that time the BBC was forced to reassure people a 'posh booing noises' subtitle was fake

9. >:(

10. When newly arrived SNP MPs were reportedly told to "behave yourself and act like adults"

Don't go causing unnecessary fights. We are here to represent our constituents, it is serious business.

11. And last but not least:

Sort it out, guys.

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