Hilarious hashtag calling for Trump to unblock YouTuber Elijah Daniel has gone viral and people are living for it
YouTube/Elijah Daniel/AP

YouTuber and comedian Elijah Daniel called last night for Donald Trump to unblock him in a tweet mocking the president.

After news of an impeachment inquiry against the president, he said:

Don’t worry bro i got impeached too it wasnt that bad. [sic]

In 2017 Daniel paid $100 (£80) to become mayor of Hell, Michigan for the day in order to "ban heterosexuality" as a political stunt to draw attention to the absurdity of Trump's travel ban.

His tweet promptly got thousands of retweets and responses.

He followed it up with another pointing out that Trump still has him blocked on Twitter, contravening a US court judgement which claimed blocking citizens was a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Daniel also tweeted a picture of one of his tattoos, which shows a cartoon image of Trump performing fellatio.

He used the hashtag #TrumpUnblockElijah, which has now gone viral and is trending across the world.

One user even made a mash-up video of President Obama asking Trump to unblock Daniel.

When Trump supporters caught wind of the hashtag, they also began tweeting about it, at which point Daniel proceeded to quote-tweet their comments, hilariously dragging them in the process.

As the storm continues, Trump has yet to comment on the situation.

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