‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ becomes a meme after bizarre viral interview at Trump riots

‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ becomes a meme after bizarre viral interview at Trump riots

A woman has become an unexpected viral star for all the wrong reasons after claiming that she was Maced during the pro-Donald Trump riots seen in Washington DC on Wednesday.

The woman who has become known as ‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ features in a short video and is clearly distressed. The person filming the clip, Hunter Walker from Yahoo News, asks her what happened. With tears in her eyes she said “I made it like a foot inside and [police] pushed me and they Maced me.” She added, “We’re storming the Capitol — it’s a revolution!”

The clip has since gone viral and has already been viewed more than one million times on Twitter with people being oddly entertained by her ordeal and apparent confusion as to why she was stopped from entering the Capitol Building, one of the few Trump supporters that were apprehended in the chaos.

Soon, enough ‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ was trending and people were oddly entertained by her misdemeanour plus the added facts that she was wearing a piano scarf and was carrying a towel with what appeared to be an onion in it.

She even made it on to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert who was less than sympathetic towards her ordeal.

There has been some invested interest in the aforementioned onion that she was carrying, with some suggesting that she had used the onion to make herself cry and give off the appearance that she had been maced. The fact checking website Snopes could not prove whether this claim was true or false as they did point out that a 2018 report from Reuters about protesters in the Middle East, that onions can be used to surpress the effects of tear gas and other chemical dispersants. 

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