Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were spotted on a place together and it became an instant meme

Joe Skipper/Getty Images/Twitter

As the US presidential election race edges closer and closer, Democrats who are hoping to become their party's nominee are stepping up their campaigns.

However, it would appear that two of the leading candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders recently got a bit too close for comfort on a flight to Miami.

In a photo posted by The Hill journalist Steve Clemons, Warren can be seen seated directly behind Sanders in what must be the biggest coincidence in American politics since the 2000 Florida recount.

The two were flying to Florida ahead of the first round of Democratic debates that are due to take place next week, with Warren narrowly ahead of Sanders in the polls, with both trailing the frontrunner, Joe Biden.

The image of the two both looking deeply uncomfortable as well as the man sitting next to Sanders who looked as if we would much rather be anywhere else quickly went viral as people thought it was hilarious, including Jeb Bush.

Most people though immediately sympathised with the man in the middle of this photograph and he himself became a meme.

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