Look, lockdown is hard.

No matter your location, being confined to the four walls of your house and garden can give anyone cabin fever.

But it’s undeniable that if you’re a celebrity residing in an extremely plush mansion, equipped with a pool and several acres of grounds, you’ve got it a little easier than those crammed into tiny flats or houses.

Which is why comedian Ellen DeGeneres has just removed a section of a YouTube video in which she compared quarantining in her $27 million Californian mansion to “being in jail”.

While on lockdown, DeGeneres is filming her popular Ellen Show from home, sans crew.

In a clip posted to YouTube she decided to poke some light and relatable fun at the situation.

“This is like being in jail,” she said.

“Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay”.

Funnily enough, this didn’t go down well with people.

Her comments were succinctly challenged.

Some pointed out that prison inmates are dying from coronavirus and that the spread of the disease within jails has been deemed a “disaster”.

Others offered to swap places.

There were even comparisons made to satirical articles.

The backlash was such that Ellen first seemed to remove the video, then re-upload it, with the offending joke cut out.

She hasn’t directly commented on the incident though (and noticeably didn't apologise).

It’s not been the most successful quarantine for Ellen so far.

She’s been dogged by accusations of ill-treating staff.

Fellow comedian Kevin T. Porter even started a Twitter thread last match, promising to match every “insane [story] you’ve heard about Ellen being mean” with a $2 donation to LA FoodBank.

Porter ended up donating $600.

Luckily, Ellen has plenty of time to reflect during quarantine.

Good job she's found herself in such relaxing surroundings.

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