Elon Musk just corrected Grimes on what baby name X Æ A-12 actually means in front of millions of people


When Elon Musk announced that singer Grimes had given birth to their baby, one thing was on everyone's mind: what will the notoriously, errr, "kooky" couple name their first born?

And they did not disappoint, casually letting us all know the kid is called X Æ A-12 Musk. Because obviously.

It's still very unclear how this will be pronounced, with the most common bet seeming to be for "X Ash Archangel" but beyond that it's pretty hard to tell.

People were also quick to ponder what it all actually means. Luckily, Grimes was happy to explain it in a tweet.

All clear then.

But in ultimate on-brand fashion, Elon Musk, who takes arrogance to a whole new level, decided to pop over to Twitter to correct the mother of his child on a typo. Because public humiliation is just what every new parent wants.

He tweeted to his 33.7 million followers that his favourite aircraft is actually SR-71, not SR-17, which is obviously a crucial piece of information.

It's the "but yes" which makes the whole thing perhaps particularly egregious.

If you are a woman on social media, you will be familiar with this "reply guy" format, in which men insert themselves completely unnecessarily to "agree" with your points (because they can only be credible if they're being backed by a man) while proving how vitally more important/clever/knowledgeable they are by making a pedantic correction. (Often these aren't even accurate, but we'll give Musk the benefit of the doubt here.) It's essentially a second cousin once removed of "mansplaining".

Grimes's silence in response was deafening too.

It's understandable that Musk would want to make sure the world fully understood the creative genius that went into picking his son's name. Here are three ways he could have achieved it without shading his girlfriend who – again – just pushed his offspring out of her womb.

1. Speak to her. Literally, walk into the other room where the sleep deprived love of your life is presumably caring for a newborn and be like "babes, there's a typo in your tweet and I'm a bit bonkers so this really personally bothers me, could you send a follow up?

2. Leave off the offending "but yes". One variation on his tweet could have been: "Thank you for telling our adoring fans about the name, my love! I think there's a typo in the aircraft name (it's actually 71, not 17) – just in case any fellow plane geeks are confused! So proud of you xxx". Then again if she wanted that kind of a boyfriend maybe she would have procreated with Ed Shearan instead.

3. Give the kid a normal name. No need for a tweet at all if you just call your child "Tom" or something. Maybe one to consider for next time.

Anyway, congrats o the happy couple and their Twitter accounts, we guess!

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