Elon Musk deletes meme comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler

Elon Musk Accuses the SEC of Harassment on Free Speech

Elon Musk posted a tweet comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler - and then decided to delete it, but not before backlash raged online.

The Tesla CEO has once again sparked outrage due to one of his tweets, and while Musk usually doubles down on his words, this time he notably deleted his post.

Musk's meme compared Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler. Not only did people find this extremely offensive, but others struggle to decipher what exactly Musk meant by his post.

The tweet, which the New York Post notes Musk deleted about 12 hours after he initially posted, showed an image of Hitler that read “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau. I had a budget."

This tweet was in reply to an article about Canada demanding financial firms stop trading with crypto wallets that are funding vaccination protests in Ottawa.

Many people, including the official account of the Auschwitz Memorial, have since responded.

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"Using the image of Adolf Hitler & therefore exploiting the tragedy of all people who suffered, were humiliated, tortured & murdered by the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany created by him is sad & disturbing. It disrespects the memory of all victims & hurts many people," read a reply from the Auschwitz Memorial.

"Elon Musk deleted a tweet comparing Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler over Trudeau’s opposition to the trucker protest in Canada. I wish I could find the words to capture how disgusting this is," wrote one person.

"BREAKING: The world’s richest man Elon Musk ignites outrage in the Jewish community by posting an Adolf Hitler meme with the caption “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau. I had a budget," reads one tweet.

Another person wrote: “This is extremely poor taste, not a good look at all, there is [a] better way to make an argument.”

"Elon Musk @Tesla @SpaceX is posting Hitler memes claiming the genocidal nutcase was somehow better than Justin Trudeau. This is not a stable or rational individual and @NASA needs to reconsider working with him," read another tweet.

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