Here are the 15 funniest reactions to Elon Musk sending a car into space

Here are the 15 funniest reactions to Elon Musk sending a car into space

You know what's tough?

Sitting at home, with a pile of dishes in the sink, and laundry that needs doing, thinking up new excuses to avoid going to the gym, and then being hit with the realisation that this week Elon Musk sent a car into outer space.

Elon Musk. Sent a car. Into outer space.

What have you done?

Actually, some of you have contributed something that's perhaps even more important to humanity than the remarkable feats of engineering, technology, and mathematics involved in the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy.

Some of you have written a funny tweet. And some of you have written funny tweets about Elon Musk! See where we're going, here?

First up, just some old fashioned general lols.

There was a theory that perhaps maybe Musk had taken an internal Tesla memo a little too far.

Then, there were a lot of references to movies.

And the fact that everything's gone a little sci-fi.

This one was an oldie, but a goodie.

A lot of people pointed out that Musk may as well be a Bond villain at this point.

And anyone who's ever played Mario Kart will know Rainbow Road is the absolute worst.

But sadly, someone had to bring us all crashing back down to reality, and this time it was the turn of the Have I Got News For You official Twitter account to show us all what could have been.

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