Elon Musk gains an unlikely supporter in Stan Lee over his fake news comments


Elon Musk recent diversion into bizarre Twitter rants has been a talking point online in the past few days.

The billionaire entrepreneur and founder of both Tesla and SpaceX, has become noticeably irritated by the media leading him to post a series of tweets.

Musk, who is mostly seen as an eccentric and admirable technology enthusiast prior to this, is now stirring people the wrong way.

In the last week alone, he has managed to upset scientists for his comments on nanotechnology and also made a fool of himself by acting as if he had invented the subway system.

Up until now, Musk's new approach to social media hadn't gained many supporters. However, he's just managed to recruit an unlikely fan - Stan Lee.

The man who gave the world Spider-Man, The Avengers, Hulk, X-Men and Black Panther backed Musk's stance against the media in a tweet on Saturday night.

Musk retweeted Lee's message.

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab

The Hollywood Reporterarticle that Lee is referring to was published in April and claimed that he had been the victim of elder abuse at the hands of his 67-year-old daughter, Joan Celia Lee.

In an interview with The Independentlater that month, Lee defender his daughter stating:

My daughter has been a great help to me.

Life is pretty good.

Lee's backing of Musk and the use of the phrase 'fake news' hasn't garnered a positive response online.

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