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Scientists are roasting Elon Musk for his comments on nanotechnology

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Even by his own standards, Elon Musk has had quite a week.

Not so long ago, he was launching cars into space and began a relationship with critically acclaimed musician Grimes.

Now, he is calling the media out on Twitter and getting into petty squabbles.

This all began with the South African entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX was called out on Twitter for the apparent dangers that are prevalent in his factories.

In the same thread, he was asked about unions for Tesla workers which he stated had never been a consideration amongst his workforce.

Yet a report from The Daily Beast in 2017 stated that Tesla workers have been trying to unionise for over a year without any success.

The 46-year-old then went on a rant against the media with the suggestion of inventing a website which could track the credibility of journalists and publications.

This tirade from Musk prompted a response from the Australian molecular biologist, cancer researcher and nanotechnologist Upulie Divisekera, who questioned his comments.

In retaliation, he decided to criticise Upulie for her association with nanotechnology calling it 'bs'.

Nanotechnology studies the use and application of extremely small things that can be used across science and engineering.

Quite what Musk holds against nanotech isn't exactly clear - but his criticism prompted a flurry of scientists defending Upulie, while also pointing out that Musk likely uses nanotech every single day.

Musk did choose to reply to Dr Michelle Dickinson, a nanotech engineer, and doubled down on his claim that nanotech was completely meaningless.

Musk though is yet to respond to Upulie who instead decided to break down exactly what nanotech in a series of tweets all aimed at the billionaire.

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