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Elon Musk is CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, he also founded The Boring Company and put a car into space.

And that’s just the beginning.

The inventor is a poster boy for productivity, and in email allegedly from him to his Tesla staff about increasing productivity to manufacture more Model 3 cars, he outlined some of the best strategies the company should use to be productive.

The email, obtained by jalopnik, says:

First, congratulations are in order! We have now completed our third full week of producing over 2000 Model 3 vehicles. The first week was 2020, the second was 2070 and we just completed 2250 last week, along with 2000 Model S/X vehicles.

Thanks for being such a kickass team and accomplishing miracles every day. It matters. We are burning the midnight oil to burn the midnight oil.

Here are five ways Elon Musk thinks companies - and you - can be more productive:

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