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With her stinging comebacks and meme-worthy “smug face”, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has been described as the “queen of sass”.

A clip of her owning David Dimbleby on election night went viral after she questioned why he hadn’t asked the Tories whether they were heading for a “coalition of chaos”.

So people were delighted when a Facebook thumbnail of Thornberry’s response to the news that seven Labour MPs had quit the party appeared to reveal her sassy side once again.

The shortened version of the post read:

Dear Friends, You may have seen the news this morning that a small group of Labour MPs are planning to break away and form a new party, and I wanted to give you my reaction to that.


People on Twitter found the thumbnail version of Thornberry's post hilarious.

And others thought it probably summed up Thornberry’s thoughts on the Labour split more aptly than the full version.

As Thornberry would say, "Well there we are".

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