These are the best places to live and work in England

Cambridge is the best place to live in England, according to an index which measures how 'vibrant' a place is to live and work.

Grant Thornton's Vibrant Economy Index 2016 identifies areas with the best economic growth, in line with other attractive characteristics such as social quality, health and happiness.

The overall index score is made from five subindices, including:

  • Prosperity - wealth production and job creation.
  • Dynamism and Opportunity - an entrepreneurial and innovative culture for growth.
  • Inclusion and Equality - whether the economic growth benefits everyone.
  • Health, Wellbeing and Happiness - whether people live healthy, active and fulfilling lives.
  • Resilience and Sustainability - the effect of economic growth on the environment.
  • Community, Trust and Belonging - whether the community is lively and has a creative culture.

View the interactive map, below to browse scores:

Oxford placed second in the index, followed by Richmond-upon-Thames, South Cambridgeshire and Guildford. The South East dominated the index, with seven districts in the top ten.

The top 15 were as follows:

The least vibrant economy in England was Redcar and Cleveland (91.1) followed by Blackpool (91.7), Barking and Dagenham (92.1) and Boston (92.5).

A report analysis read:

For those areas which perform lower down on the index, the response will need to be more than one about economic development, but about creating infrastructure and jobs, building community cohesion, investing in housing and health self-management, and dealing with exclusion, isolation and loneliness which are key determinations of poor health and obvious wider poor outcomes.

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