UN operations in the Central African Republic
UN operations in the Central African Republic

The UK is the ninth best country for quality of life in the world, according to an annual index.

The 2016 Social Progress Index ranked 161 countries around the world for human wellbeing, finding that a high gross domestic product is not the only factor in measuring the standard of living in a country.

The index takes into account factors including access to education and healthcare, sanitation, civil liberties, life expectancy, access to clean water, and many other factors to give an overall assessment of the wellbeing of a nation's population.

The Middle East and Africa dominate the lower end of the rankings, and many are countries experiencing civil war or disease, despite being resource-rich.

The ten countries with the lowest scores were as follows:

1. Central African Republic, 30.03
2. Afghanistan, 35.89
3. Chad, 36.38
4. Angola, 39.7
5. Niger, 41.63
6. Guinea, 41.66
7. Yemen, 41.76
8. Ethiopia, 43.5
9. Sierra Leone, 44.22
10. Liberia, 45.07

You can explore the data in the interactive map below:

The Central African Republic came bottom of the countries ranked in the Index, performing poorly for shelter and access to basic knowledge.

Finland topped the rankings, with a score of 90.09, followed by Canada (89.49) and Denmark (89.39).

The UK performed best in water and sanitation in the index with a score of 99.74. The UK came ninth overall, and sixth for the opportunity sub-index.

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