Eric Trump has said live on Fox News that his family has the right to keep the Trump Organisation's financial records hidden from Congress, and has appeared to give the fact that his sister Tiffany likes to drink in the afternoon as one of the reasons.

Speaking on Fox News, Eric Trump said:

By the way, it's not just my father. It's, 'Eric I want to see all of your bank records.' 

'I want to know how much Laura spent on baby formula for Luke.'

'I want to know how many beers Tiffany had on a Friday afternoon in Georgetown.' 

These are literally the things they're asking for. 

In the segment, Eric was referring to the fact that on Monday, the Trump Organisation filed a lawsuit against Capital One and Deutsche Bank to keep them from complying with congressional subpoenas, in an attempt to block them from handing over their private financial information to congressional committees, reports Newsmax.

Needless to say, when the clip was posted to social media, people thought it was rather hilarious that Eric appeared to be throwing his sister Tiffany under the bus.

Some thought the moment was 'perfect'.

Others thought it made the Trumps suddenly seem slightly more relatable.

Does, does Tiffany have a day drinking problem!?

Are Tiffany's ears burning by any chance?

Some South Park gifs even got involved.

And others brought up some rather apt Game of Thrones references.

Some were rather rude.

Since launching the suit, president Donald Trump has since clarified that there are no hard feelings towards the institutions, but that it's more aimed at the Democrats.

According to Newsmax, he said:

They're not winning.

The economy is incredible.This country is doing great.

I don't think they have any front-runner candidate right now.

If it is Joe Biden, I would love to run against him. They have an awful track record from the last administration. What they want to do, they want to harass Trump. They don't want to do their jobs

We're just worried about how Tiffany's holding out at university. Hope all's going well, Tiph!

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