Eric Trump tried to call out Kellyanne Conway's husband and it didn't go well

Louis Staples
Tuesday 04 December 2018 12:00
Image:(Getty / Twitter)

Kellyanne Conway, president Trump’s former campaign manager and current adviser who famously coined the term “alternative facts”, is used to facing her fair share of jabs.

Thoug, bizarrely, even for politics in 2018, Kellyanne is often forced to defend her boss from attacks from her husband George. Lawyer George Conway has been a frequent Trump critic, often calling the president out on Twitter or in op-eds.

Speaking on the Yahoo News podcast 'Skullduggery' in November, Conway said:

My wife did an amazing thing - I mean, she basically got this guy elected.

And other people like to take credit for it, but she got this guy elected. She steadied that boat. She did it. She went on television, she imposed message discipline on that campaign.

George also said that his dislike of the Trump administration cancels out his wife's dislike of his vocal opposition to the White House.

I don't think she likes it. But I've told her, I don't like the administration, so it's even. Though this excuse isn’t good

Conway has even gone so far as to form a group of anti-Trump conservative lawyers called "Checks and Balances" to encourage legal professionals to speak out against the administration. Recently Conway criticised the Trump’s move to install Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general as unconstitutional.

But that excuse just wasn’t good enough for Eric Trump, the president’s son. Trump called out Conway’s treatment of his wife’s job on Twitter, labelling it “disgraceful”.

Though, just as with almost everything the Trump kids do, people weren’t having it. Some of the responses to Eric’s tweet were particularly brutal, comparing Conway’s actions with those of the president.

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