Someone gives escape room one-star review - owner exposes them for being complete idiots


For those of us who have been to an escape room before, we know the purpose of the game is to make it difficult for you to get out.

But a group of players didn't seem to understand this after they left a one-star review that prompted the manager to fire back.

The Reddit user DemonsWithLifeVests shared the review that has since gone viral.

The unhappy escaper wrote that they went to play an escape room for their brother's birthday, but couldn't determine what was or wasn't part of the game. They said:

At the beginning, there was just a bunch of rules on what we should and shouldn't touch if it's not apart.

The whole thing was just an endless series of finding codes or locks and looking for keys.

(This person seems to have just described what escape room is...)

The customer then accused the owner of being "rude" and "not knowing what he was talking about", assuming he was in a bad mood because he was "butthurt [they] didn't like it".

But the critical review prompted a feisty response from that "butthurt" owner, who called the group of kids out for being idiots. He responded:

Like most escape rooms, we clearly mark items which are not part of the game. This was also stated to your group including oral intros, on the website, during registration, and on signed waivers.

Naturally it is impossible to exhaustively and comprehensively list every conceivable activity one should avoid. For example, we do not explicitly warn guests against attempts to set the building alight because most recognise the benefit in avoiding such acts.

Then things get worse, as the manager describes exactly what this group actually did during their escape room game:

Members of your group ripped wires out of props -  wires which were wire-tied, taped, and had markers on them indicating they should not be touched.

A member of the group then pulled the wires apart and thrust bare wires into a live electrical outlet (also marked with warning stickers), damaging the prop and tripping a breaker. 

And now, for the hilarious finale, the manager also described confronting one of the kids about their behaviour, only for them to respond with this:

When asked why they'd stick bare wires in an outlet, one responded 'I know a lot about electricity'.

The whole post can be read here:

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