This London rental opportunity has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

Every year, Londoners cram themselves into smaller and smaller rooms, while paying increasingly sickening amounts of rent.

While many of us are now quite used to the subject of terrible accommodation in the capital, one room went viral for a reason none of us have seen before. Indeed it's a reason that seems to defy any and all logic.

Script writer, Becky Brynolf, shared the following conundrum on Twitter and nobody can tell if it's an escape room or proof that Narnia actually exists.

Needless to say, people were baffled.

Some took it to be proof of certain quantum theories.

Others thought it proved the existence of literary worlds.

While others pointed out how important it can be to look at the small print.

Should the secret service be looking to recruit, they should look no further than the visionary who offered this solution:

While the advert has since been deleted from SpareRoom, the competitively priced flat is apparently £143/week, just a short walk from Aldgate East station - should you be interested.

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