Man who handed out EU flags at the Proms defends 'politicising' the event

Man who handed out EU flags at the Proms defends 'politicising' the event

A man who handed out European Union flags at the last night of the Proms called in to LBC to "bust some myths" about the Brexit protest.

People on social media commented on the number of blue EU flags being waved at the event at the Royal Albert Hall, with some disagreeing with a political statement being made on a night that’s supposed to be all about music.

The caller, named Jonathan, said he was "proud" of have given out the flags to anyone who wanted to show their support for the EU. After all, the Proms brings together musicians from across the world.

During the heated exchange, Jonathan denied that the flags were funded or affiliated to the EU in any way and insisted that the flags were free, following reports that he charged £3.

They were free and the idea that was the Commission who were funding it, or it was out of Jean-Claude Juncker's personal bank account is absolute nonsense.

Though critics of the EU flags at the Proms should remember that Nigel Farage once defended waving the British flag at the same event on his LBC radio show. So, in this case, it might be a case of pot calling the kettle black.


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