BBC presenter Jeremy Vine accidentally said “I love you” to a caller on his radio show this afternoon.

The Radio 2 host was speaking to Anne from Chichester, who was very excited about a butterfly that had taken up residence in her bedroom to hibernate.

After a friendly chat, Vine thanked Anne for calling and made a sudden slip of the tongue.

He said:

Thanks for listening, look after that butterfly! Bye Anne, love you bye… Oh gosh, I said… why did I say ‘love you’? That’s… I’m so sorry… err it was a gaffe.

An audibly-embarrassed Vine tried to move on but when he got through to the next caller, Jamie from Huddersfield, they immediately brought up the gaffe.

The following conversation ensued...

Jamie: “Jeremy, how’s it going? I think you just made that lady's day then.”

Vine: “I… it just came out, but I mean… I guess it’s true…”

Jamie: “I think she was very pleased to talk to you anyway.”

Vine: “Okay, don’t worry, I won't say I love you at the end of this call. You’re a builder…”

Jamie: “Not to me pal, not to me.”

Vine: “No, that would be… illegal.”

When the clip was shared on social media, some people sympathised with the presenter and remembered when they had accidentally done the same thing.

Who hasn’t accidentally called the teacher “mum” or “dad” before?

Instead of ignoring the mistake, Vine could simply make it part of his show from now on instead.

He’s already walked back his suggestion that he shouldn’t say “love you” to a builder.

Let's hope there are more random outbursts of affection from Vine in the future.

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