Church being investigated after claiming to be the site of a new miracle from God

Church being investigated after claiming to be the site of a new miracle from God
Catholic church investigating apparent miracle in Thomaston

A church in Connecticut is claiming to be the site of a divine miracle – but it’s not your classic healing of the blind-type affair.

Indeed, some would argue that the alleged phenomenon is a bit underwhelming, but parishioners at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Thomaston wouldn’t agree.

They’ve all been so excited that details of the event, which apparently occurred during a Sunday mass back in March, have been sent to the Vatican for review.

Having investigated the mystery, the local Archdiocese has now sent the results to the Holy See in Rome, the Hartford Courant reported last week.

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And indeed, it’s not the first time a miracle is said to have taken place at the church. Its former reverend, Michael McGivney, is credited with healing throat cancer and healing a seriously ill Covid patient.

This so-called miracle occurred after a parishioner who was helping out with Holy Communion noticed there was a shortage of wafers, known as “hosts,” which are given out during the Eucharist as "the body of Christ".

The churchgoer was then awe-struck to discover that, suddenly, plenty more had appeared.

“God has duplicated himself in the ciborium,” St Thomas’s current priest, Rev. Joseph Crowley, said in reference to the container used to hold the wafers.

“It’s really, really cool when God does these things, and it’s really, really cool when we realise what he’s done.”

After news of the incident spread, the Archdiocese of Hartford launched an investigation, which was rumoured to involve scientific analysis of the Communion hosts.

Once this was completed, the case was referred to the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Dicastery, based in Rome, consists of a group of bishops and cardinals whose job is to safeguard the catholic faith and its morals.

“The Archdiocese has proceeded accordingly, and will await a response in due time,” Archdiocese spokesman David Elliott told the Hartford Courant.

Catholics believe Christ himself is present in the Eucharistic hostiStocks

However, radio host Michael O’Neill, who is known as “The Miracle Hunter,” said the church might struggle to get the official seal of approval on their “miracle”

“I’d be highly surprised that they were able to have enough evidence to declare it a true eucharistic miracle,” he told the same local paper.

There have only been four Eucharistic miracles recognised by the Catholic Church over the 21st Century.

The most recent occurred in Poland in 2013 after a host fell onto the floor. The wafer was placed into water to dissolve, but instead started to develop red streaks.

Those streaks were subsequently analysed and found to contain fragments of heart muscle.

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