A man who invaded the pitch and stopped play during England’s Euro 2020 final against Italy has been revealed as a singer who took part in a Little Mix TV show.

Adam Harison, who was tackled by stewards after he jumped onto the pitch and had a run around topless during the second half of the game, appeared on Little Mix: The Search last year, a show in which the band searched for a boy band to support them on tour.

Harison jumped over advertising boards and was chased by three stewards - one of which he knocked to the ground. He was dragged to the floor but got up again and was intercepted by a fourth steward and he was swiftly marched off the pitch. The whole debacle lasted around 30 seconds:

Harison, who has 40,000 followers on Instagram, was a member of boyband New Priority on the show. They made it to the semi-final but were then eliminated.

He shared the footage on Instagram and captioned it: “Well that was fun.”

He added: “At the end of the day…. I love my country and I did this all for a good time. Nothing but love and respect for England tonight”.

Meanwhile, England made it one step further in their competition and made it to the final of the Euro 2020 tournament. Unfortunately, they lost to Italy last night after a tense penalty shootout.

Reacting to the invasion, some thought it was a shame that the BBC didn’t broadcast it and found it strange given they showed Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest, which triggered a number of complaints:

Others were distracted as they found Harison attractive:

And others found the crossover between football and Little Mix completely hilarious:

Harison didn’t make it as a singer for Little Mix, but it looks like he found his pitch-perfect moment anyway.

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