Where all the wine from Europe comes from, mapped

Spain, France and Italy account for three-quarters of the vineyard area in the European Union.

This is according to a statistical release from Eurostat, which finds that there are over 3 million hectares of vineyards in the EU.

Almost 80 per cent of these are for quality wine.

Here's a breakdown:

In 2015 in the EU there were 2.4 million holdings in total, with over 3.2 million hectares of vineyards cultivating wine.

Spain was the leading member state in terms of total area, with 941,000 hectares devoted to vineyards.

It was followed by France (803,000), Italy (610,000) and Portugal (184,000).

Picture:Picture: JEFF PACHOUD/AFP/Getty Images

The top three accounted for three quarters of the total vineyard area in the EU.

When the UK leaves the EU, the EU will lose 1,687 hectares of vineyards (0.05 per cent of the total), and 553 holdings.

HT Eurostat

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