Many will argue that it was to be expected that the UK would do badly at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but representative James Newman finishing in last place with no points whatsoever was a pretty big blow.

Clearly, the ‘embers’ Newman was singing about were just that, and failed to ignite support from the rest of Europe, with neither the public and juries choosing to award them any of their points.

Despite that, the Yorkshireman – who was due to represent the UK last year before it was cancelled due to the coronavirus - endeared other delegates and the audience with his good humoured response to the loss.

For those wondering, the coveted trophy in fact went to Måneskin from Italy, one of the bookies’ favourites whose heavy rock song “Zitti E Buoni” saw the group finish on the other end of the leaderboard with a whopping 524 points.

UK fans of the pop competition have since taken to Twitter to comment on our final position, knowing that memes are probably one of the few ways we can smile through the pain:

Others put the blame on politics:

And some, inspired by the recent scandal over the European Super League, suggested we pack it all up and start our own separate contest:

Here’s hoping the UK fares better when the contest arrives in Italy in 2022, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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