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Christopher Furlong/Getty

Junior doctors across the country are striking on Tuesday in response to health secretary Jeremy Hunt's proposals to change their payment structure and contracts.

Doctors argue the changes would be damaging to the NHS and research shows that two thirds of the public agree with the action. But many others are questioning the doctors' decisions.

One junior doctor has moved to try to explain to the Department of Health, and indeed the wider public, the challenges NHS staff face.

Tom Livingston wrote an impassioned letter on Facebook to reveal the dedication of junior doctors. It's going viral.

Tom's letter is striking - he explains that he's worked extra hours unpaid, gone days without seeing his young children, and held the hand of a sick patient who didn't want the medic to leave his side. Tom also revealed that his grandfather had just passed away.

This is what the NHS is all about: caring for patients whatever their background, whatever their illness, whatever their status in society, whatever their income. Free for all at the point of use. This is what is worth fighting for; for me this is what is worth striking for. This dispute is more than the junior doctors contract. This is about saving our NHS. We are your NHS. We want to keep it that way; I think my granddad would too.

Here's Tom's letter in full:

I have just finished a week of med reg oncall where I have worked nearly 100 hours in seven days. Now before people...

Posted by Tom Livingston on Friday, 8 January 2016

i100 has made contact with Mr Livingston to find out more about his letter.

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