Everyone should watch this recording from a meeting on Grenfell Tower

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A video of a volunteer speaking at what appears to be a large meeting involving the Grenfell Tower disaster has emerged on social media, calling out the 'lack of support' for victims of the tragic disaster.

The video, which was circulated on WhatsApp before making it onto Twitter and Facebook, shows an unidentified volunteer passionately speaking about the treatment of the survivors and families of victims of the disaster last month.

The recording was taken from a private meeting regarding the fire in Kensington where at least 80 people died.

Keith Shaw, a London resident, posted the video which now has over six million views on Facebook.

He told indy100 that the video was sent to him via WhatsApp and he had the permission from the person that filmed it to post it to Facebook.

The video opens with a woman off-camera stating that recordings shouldn't be taken in the meeting, to which the woman who filmed the video replies: "People need to see what's going on, the community need to see what's going on".

A woman, who says she's been "on the ground since day dot" then speaks, highlighting the conditions that people are living in.

There are no counsellors for these people. I am dealing with people coming into [Acklam] village with no shoes, no food, they are in hotels that provide breakfast for them only and no dinner.

I am hearing stories of people being knocked on their door at two o’clock in the morning being told they are being evicted, that there is a car waiting for them and they have to go.

She adds that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) allegedly wrote to the residents saying that any financial help they are receiving as a result of the fire will affect their housing benefit.

You have got people that have language barriers that do not understand this … You have got people in a traumatised condition and you are pushing documents in front of them.

There is no social workers for these people.

She then alleges that the donations that were sent to the Red Cross and to relief centres were being "sold off" and not reaching the victims.

It's not clear who the woman is in the video, but she refers to "Acklam Village" throughout the video.

Acklam Village Healing Zone is an area in nearby Notting Hill that's open to survivors and members of the community.

Keith Shaw said he could not identify the woman in the video, but has permission to post it. He added that the Facebook account of the woman that filmed the video has since been deleted.

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