Pet dog Bailey is rescued
Pet dog Bailey is rescued

A family have thanked rescuers who saved their dog after he became stuck in a fox hole under a commercial garage.

Firefighters, the Scottish SPCA and drainage company Drain Tek were involved in the operation to rescue Lakeland terrier Bailey when he disappeared underground in the Polmadie area of Glasgow.

He could be heard barking from under the garage, Drakemire Tyres on Drakemire Drive, but became silent as the teams tried to get down to where he was believed to be.

The fire service specialist urban search and rescue (USAR) team used ultra-sensitive microphones to try and pinpoint Bailey’s exact location while Drain Tek used a fibre optic camera to investigate the hole and establish if the dog could be seen.

Bailey is a family dog and he is very special so we were very worried when he went missing

Ian Latter, owner

Firefighters then used specialist equipment to break through concrete and free Bailey.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Amy Stirton said: “We are so pleased that through this collaborative rescue, Bailey was successfully rescued with just a few minor scrapes. He is now back with his very relieved family.

“George and Mark from Drain Tek located Bailey with specialist equipment and were able to enlarge the access to get him out.

“We would also like to thank Peter from Drakemyre Tyres who gave us access to his garage on a Sunday.

“And, of course, we are so thankful to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and USAR.”

Owners Ian Latter and family were very relieved to get their pet back.

Mr Latter said: “Bailey is a family dog and he is very special so we were very worried when he went missing.

“The whole family was out looking for him. When we realised he was under the garage, we contacted the fire service who were amazing.

“We are so pleased with the outcome. Everyone who attended, the fire service and USAR, Drain Tek and the Scottish SPCA, were all determined to get Bailey out and were not for giving up. We are so grateful to all involved.

“Hopefully Bailey will know better than to dash off down a hole in the future and we will be keeping a close eye on him.”

Bailey (003)PIC

Fire service Crew Commander, Ross McDade, said: “Operations Control mobilised one appliance from Polmadie, Glasgow and an urban search and rescue team from Cumbernauld.

“Crews used specialist equipment to break through concrete. One dog was released and handed into the care of the Scottish SPCA.

“As a humanitarian organisation, SFRS crews use their technical training and expertise as well as specialist equipment to rescue animals.

“This can prevent members of the public placing themselves at risk by trying to effect their own rescue.”

If anyone spots an animal in need of help they are advised to call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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