This girl's father became a meme for the worst reason

This girl's father became a meme for the worst reason
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OK, so this is awkward.

This girl's dad has become a meme for all the wrong reasons.

On 15 May, Twitter user Dom(unique) posted the most unfortunate photobomb:

In the selfie, a white man can clearly be seen checking out the young woman's breasts.

In a hilarious turn of events, another Twitter user, Alex, logged in and realised that the man in the questionable picture was in fact her father:

She followed up the disclosure with a string of follow ons:

She was also keen to rep her dad as more than the meme would suggest:

Other Twitter users were quick to respond:

If that wasn't proof enough, she posted another pic of her and her dad, to prove that the meme is indeed her father:

This picture raised questions, because the girl's dad's eyes are pointing in different directions in it, too:

I guess we'll never know...

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