Outrage as video shows FedEx driver refusing to help elderly man with dementia who had fallen down

Outrage as video shows FedEx driver refusing to help elderly man with dementia who had fallen down

A FedEx driver has caused mass outrage online after a video appeared to show him refusing to help an elderly man who fell outside his house.

An 89-year-old fell outside his front door when his Ring doorbell captured the incident at Freeport, Texas.

The video shows the man on the floor telling the driver, who was walking to his van,

Hello, help please. Give me a hand. I need to get up.

The driver replied:

I can’t do that, boss

ABC13 reported that the man’s daughter, Maria Kouches, said he fell roughly 15 minutes before the FedEx driver arrived.

Kouches added that her father has dementia and trouble with his legs and that he laid on the ground outside his door for 10 more minutes before she arrived at his house. She explained further on Facebook:

(He) didn’t at least ring the doorbell or call 911! Thank God he’s OK, but what if he hadn’t been?

Kouches told press outlets that her father is “doing fine” and wanted to “thank everyone for their concern.”

The footage caused major upset online with some users calling for the driver to be fired:

Meanwhile, a small majority tried to understand why the driver didn't help:

In a statement, FedEx said:

We extend our sincerest concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video and are relieved to learn he was not seriously injured. We can affirm that there is no higher priority for FedEx Ground than ensuring the safety of our team members and customers in the communities we serve.

The company said it has “reviewed the circumstances behind this unfortunate incident and are taking the appropriate action to address this matter.”

In a statement to ABC13, the company said it is also “closely monitoring and adhering to guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health organizations regarding recommended precautions.”

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