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The Discovery channel has launched its global re-brand, however, it's had female scientists up in arms over its lack of women, who have responded in the best possible way.

The promo for the rebrand, which was rolled out on social media and across TV spots, features a series of Discovery scenes, stars, and nature shots, all set to the song 'Hooked on a Feeling'.

There's only one huge problem with it, however. It only features men and one naked woman.

The video even culminates in the tagline, 'The world is ours', which, considering it's almost entirely sans women, is rather a slap in the face to those of us without a Y chromosome.

A longer, one-minute version of the video features several women in the background, but every single one of the promo's stars is male.

Of course, the internet was quick to jump on the issue, with many suggesting that the campaign seems to totally forget about the existence of female scientists.

In response, a group of female scientist took it into their own hands to make a point that actually, there's a big space for women in science.

Inspired by the distinctly masculine re-brand, the kick-ass women took it into their own hands to put together their own catchy promo, featuring a Gwen Stefani soundtrack, and it's the remedy we all need.

In a tweet accompanying the video, they wrote:

Discovery made a choice about how to represent science.

We know that the world is, in fact, much bigger than that. We want to remind you all that


You can follow all the amazing women who were involved in it too, here.

People online loved the new, inclusive version of the video.

In a press release, Discovery and Science’s (female) executive vice president for marketing, Lara Richardson, says:

Discovery’s global rebrand celebrates the legacy of our brand while refreshing it for the future.

It was important for us to remind our fans who we are at our core while extending it out to the next generation.

‘The World Is Ours’ tagline represents what Discovery has always stood for and continues to be the driving inspiration for our future.

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