Photo: Lichfield / Contributor/Getty
Photo: Lichfield / Contributor/Getty

Have you ever wondered how your life compared to that of Queen Elizabeth?

Well, wonder no more.

In conjunction with her birthday, was created to allow you to see what the Liz was doing at different ages in her immensely privileged life.

Here are some of her (and your) milestones:

1. Struggling to buy a house? Queen Elizabeth got one when she was six years old.

2. At the age of 11, Queen Elizabeth joined Girl Guides

3. While your teachers were scaring you with the prospect of GCSEs, 14-year-old Elizabeth gave her first public speech

4. Elizabeth receives her first Corgi. Her first of thirty.

5. At the age of 21, you might have just finished university, have moved back home when you've realised your degree means nothing and reacquainted yourself with a perpetually stocked fridge. Queen Elizabeth got married.

6. After years of working for free interning, you've finally managed to find a job that your dad doesn't have a sly comment about. Elizabeth, on the other hand? She was crowned Queen of England.

7. At 40, she witnessed England's victory in the 1966 World Cup against Germany with the "best seats in the house"

8. At the age of 49 you're probably earning enough to comfortably take a trip somewhere exotic once - maybe twice a year. The Queen visits Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Mexico City, Tokyo and the Bahamas. To name a few.

9. You know that Andy Warhol exhibition you've managed to get tickets for? Well, when the Queen was 59, the artist painted her.

10. And finally, if she ever gets to 100 years old...

...who knows?

Check out the index at

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