People are sharing the first thing they'd do if they became God overnight


What would you do if, one day, you woke up as God?

Sure, there’s a lot of doubts about whether God exists, but that hasn’t stopped people on Reddit from imagining what they’d do if God asked them to take over the reigns.

Reddit user Tyrannonathan asked the website:

God is retiring, and asks you to permanently replace him. What is the first thing you do as the new God?

People began sharing the things they’d do, from the poignant to the silly, and the answers are very, very relatable…

"Make the sloth the fastest landspeed animal in the world, overnight. And give all pigeons the power of speech in a New York accent."

- danpcell

"Rewatch Bruce Almighty for ideas."

- LilG1984

"Finally eradicate f***ing cancer"

- slash1265

"Create one universal blood type. No more of this multiple blood type non-compatibility bulls***"

- slothbarns7

"Prove my existence so everyone can stop wondering. Also, tell everyone that there's only one Commandment - be nice to each other."

- Automatic_Mulberry

"Remove all allergies to dogs. Aw heck, I'll be a nice guy and just get rid of allergies in general."

- DefinitelySteveIrwin

"11th commandment: thou shalt not follow 'social media influencers'"

- jayheadspace

"Recruit some help."

- HoneyPiSquared

"Call in sick. Who's gonna fire me?"

- Vinnystill

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