Five key issues Jeremy Corbyn hopes can win over Tory voters

Five key issues Jeremy Corbyn hopes can win over Tory voters

Jeremy Corbyn has taken to the pages of the Sunday Telegraph to try to win over new voters as Labour's leadership contest moves into full swing.

With critics accusing the leader of the opposition of only preaching to the converted and therefore being less electable than his rival Owen Smith what better place to take his campaigning than a newspaper (nicknamed the Torygraph) of which only 8 per cent of its readers voted Labour in the last election?

He opens his article with this proposition:

What kind of country do you want to live in? One where you don’t have to raid your savings to pay for your children’s university education? Or perhaps you’d like to live in a country where the care for your elderly parents was based on their needs. You might even be one of the thousands of Southern Rail passengers who only wants to get on a train, find a seat and arrive on time.

Among the key issues he highlights are:

  • Cuts to the NHS, waiting times and money given to private contractors

  • Ownership of the railways

  • Student debt

  • Care for the elderly

  • An end to zero hours contracts

Read his full article here

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