This is what happened when Flat Earthers tried to prove 'gravity doesn't exist'


Right now, with a pandemic still sweeping the globe, we've seen lots of ridiculous conspiracy theories.

But this is by no means a new thing, as we're about to prove by remembering the time that Flat Earthers tried to suggest gravity doesn't exist.

Yup, you read that correctly... gravity doesn’t exist.

... At least that’s the Flat Earther theory that came out of their three-day conference way back in 2018.

Flat Eathers who shun hundreds of years of proof and conventional scientific facts – some 200 of them – gathered together in Birmingham for the first Flat Earth Convention in the UK.

Among them was speaker David Marsh, who unveiled his groundbreaking discovery: that gravity doesn’t exist.

According to the Telegraph, he said:

My research destroys big bang cosmology.

It supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist and the only true force of nature is electromagnetism.

He used a Nikon camera and an app to prove this, apparently.

Marsh conducted scientific “experiments” in his garden, using the aforementioned app to track the movement of the moon across the sky. That's really all it took to disprove years of scientific research and the law of planetary motion.

Darren Nesbit also finally answered the question everyone has been asking: if the Earth is flat, why haven’t we fallen off or met a wall when we got to the edge of the planet?

Well, it’s the ‘Pac-Man Effect’, The Age reported.

We know that continuous east-west travel is a reality.

One logical possibility for those who are truly free thinkers is that space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect

Right, now that makes sense.

It just goes to show that stupid conspiracy theories have been around a lot longer than the that is the year 2020.

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