Man gets flesh-eating disease after getting bitten by a family member

Man gets flesh-eating disease after getting bitten by a family member
Man's forearm amputated after bicep curl leaves him with flesh eating bug!

A man almost lost his leg after contracting a flesh-eating disease from a family member.

According to Unilad, Donnie Adams was bitten on the thigh while intervening in a fight between family members and then got a bump the size of a coin on his leg.

The 53-year-old Florida man went to hospital where he was given a tetanus shot and told to take a course of antibiotics, but things got worse, especially with the swelling.

His doctor, Dr Fritz Brink, said his leg "almost looked like an orange peel because of the swelling that was underneath it."

"By day number three, the leg was swollen, it felt very warm and I had problems with mobility and everything," he told the publication.

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So, Adams was rushed to an operating theatre at the HCA Florida Northside Hospital on 19 February, before another surgery a few days later.

It turned out he had necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating infection caused by bacteria getting into body tissue, that can be life-threatening if not treated properly.

Brink removed 60 percent of Adams’ left thigh skin and he is now recovering.

"I would have lost my leg if I had waited to next day based on how the infection was growing in that region," Adams said. "It was a quiet storm."

And he's chill with his family. He added: “It was a family event that went sour between two people and even though I got in middle of it and I got injured, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hate my family over this."

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