To be a flight attendant you need to have these measurements

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Lack of sleep, being on your feet for hours, and forever flitting between different time zones - the life of a flight attendant isn't always glamorous despite their reputation.

Everyone going for the job has to pass a thorough medical assessment, but before they even get to this stage, they have to reach a number of size requirements.

This allegedly is for "safety" reasons, but that doesn't explain why for some airlines there is a different minimum height for men and women.

Some also have a maximum height requirement.

The height requirements are as following:

  • British Airways: Height 5’2 – 6’1, with a reach of 79 inches and weight related to height
  • EasyJet: Height 5’3 – 6’3
  • Ryanair: Height 5’2 – 6’2
  • Thomas Cook: Minimum height 5’2
  • Monarch: Minimum height 5’2
  • Thomson: Minimum height 5’2
  • Emirates: Minimum height 5’2. Reach of 83 inches
  • Qatar: Reach of 83 inches
  • Virgin: Reach of 82.5 inches
  • Singapore Airlines: Minimum height 5’2 (women) and 5’5 (men)

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