President Francois Hollande has confirmed France will intensify air strikes against Isis.

Speaking alongside David Cameron on Monday, Hollande said:

We are convinced that we must continue to hit Daesh in Syria.

We will intensify our strikes, we will cause the greatest damage possible to this terrorist army.

We must destroy Daesh. Our air forces have been told to strike and strike hard against Daesh.

The announcement comes as new statistics from YouGov suggest there is a thirst for war in France following the attack on Paris this month.

Seventy five per cent of French people said they were either strongly (58 per cent) or slightly (17 per cent) in favour of intensifying air strikes on Isis in Syria, in the first wave of polling since the gun and suicide bomb attacks on 13 November left 130 people dead.

In light of this we asked Statista to visualise the data to illustrate the current sentiment in France.

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