Footage claims electrically charged 'Vibranium' rocks are in the Congo

MCU: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vibranium

The Black Pantherfilms might’ve been onto something with the fictional strong metal Vibranium.

Footage has emerged online appearing to show electrically charged rocks, or “Vibranium,” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On Saturday (21 January), Africa Archives took to Twitter to share some clips of the findings.

One clip shows three men examining an energetic rock. Soon after, one of the men takes the rock and attaches it to a chord with a small light bulb on top to demonstrate that it has the power to illuminate it.

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Another clip shared by the account demonstrated the rocks causing sparks when they brushed against each other.

As noted in Sportskeeda, a gram of the active rocks can illuminate a lightbulb for around 72 hours.

On the other hand, a kilo of the rocks can power a two-bedroom home for a couple of months.

Nairobi News stated that the kinetic rocks, which were discovered in the Katanga region of the Congo, were supposedly formed by the combination of magnetite and quartz, which is alleged to give it those charged properties.

However, Vibranium is not the true name of the stone. As stated in Wikipedia, Vibranium doesn’t really exist.

In Marvel films, including Black Panther, Vibranium is a powerful metal that absorbs, stores, and releases enormous amounts of kinetic energy used to power Wakanda.

The name and the exact source of the stones that are produced in the Congo still remain unknown, but the country is revered for being rich in minerals such as gold, Coltan and Cobalt.

Coltan and Cobalt do not have the ability to be recharged, nor do they have the ability to hold an electrical charge.

Still, these elements are utilised in the creation of electronics such as smartphones and they do have the properties needed to help the transmission of electricity.

Following this discovery making the rounds on social media, researchers worldwide have been trying to get to the bottom of how the stones can be used to create electricity and be a potential source of renewable power.

After its potential discovery, citizens of the Congo have hopes that the stones will pave the way to help the country become less dependent on fossil fuels.

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