Forget Pokémon Go, this app can help you find wine

Pokémon Go is the latest craze flooding your newsfeed, and it's got staying power because it's nostalgia-based and free.

Because it's going nowhere, people are now looking to cash in on the extravaganza. Expect to see guerilla marketing about Go absolutely everywhere. Nothing is safe from Pikachu's tiny little monetising claws.

But they're cute and yellow and remind you of when you didn't work nine and a half hour days, so we'll keep smiling.

A new sketch has created a new app idea on the Pokémon Go formula, only on the idea that you catch glasses of wine, rather than seemingly endless rattata.

Blogger and Comedian Dena Blizzard has posted a video on Facebook of her sketch "Chardonnay Go":

Did you know there's an app for mums called Chardonnay Go, where you can actually find glasses of Chardonnay all over your neighbourhood?

Watch the full video, below:

Small development issues: This has none of the health benefits of Pokémon Go, you won't be hitting any gyms, and you'll need a taxi after.

Smaller development issues: The app doesn't actually exist, it's just a skit.

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