<p>Former Playboy Bunny Bridget of The Girls Next Door fame says she was visited by Hefner’s ghost. </p>

Former Playboy Bunny Bridget of The Girls Next Door fame says she was visited by Hefner’s ghost.

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Former Playboy bunny Bridget Marquardt claims she was visited by the ghost of ex-beau Hugh Hefner.

Marquardt, 48, starred alongside Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison on the popular E! show The Girls Next Door which ran for six seasons. The show chronicled everyday life in the Playboy mansion and what it was like to be one of Hefner’s live-in girlfriends.

The former bunny guest-starred on the podcast Dark House in an episode titled, ‘Is it Haunted, or is it Hollwood? The Harlow/Bern House. In the episode, Marquardt shares several ghost tales from the Playboy mansion, including one where she was visited in a dream by Hefner himself.

Marquardt lamented that she and Hefner had lost contact in the years after leaving the mansion, and that she wasn’t invited to his funeral following his abrupt death at 91 to sepsis in September 2017.

“One night I had this dream, and it was not long after Hef had died,” she said. “This dream was like nothing I ever had before. It was so real.”

Though the Playboy mansion is known to be vibrant and buzzing with guests, Marquardt drove up to an empty house.

“I could tell that the house was abandoned and he was gone, but yet I was there to see him,” she explained. “And then all of a sudden he comes down the stairs, and he threw his arms out. He gave me what we call his big laugh, like this big cackle that he did. He said, ‘My darling!’ And he put his arms around me, and I felt the hug. I could feel his smoking jacket. I could smell his cologne. It was so real.”

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Marquardt told the Dark House hosts that the people she’s talked to about it have that told her you don’t usually have a sense of smell or touch in a dream, which led her to believe the encounter was more than just a dream.

“I literally felt like I said goodbye to him.”

Marquardt recounted other paranormal experiences involving the mansion, including one where a former employee who had died of cancer appeared in her bedroom.

“My sister, myself and my friend Stacy were all sitting on my bed,” she recalled. “We were talking, having a glass of wine, and the TV was on. All of a sudden, out of the corner of all of our eyes, we saw a woman standing in my closet.”

The former model is “pretty sure” the woman was a social secretary for the mansion that she had met prior to moving in.

“I’m pretty sure it was her who was standing there,” she explained, adding that the ghost had long black hair and was very skinny in appearance. “And I think she came to see the new addition to the mansion, the new pet that was there. [My dog] Wednesday.”

Marquardt has her own paranormal podcast called Ghost Magnet, in which she recounts her paranormal experiences and interviews other “ghost magnets” about their own.

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