Fox News anchor thinks Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf and people are cringing

Fox News anchor thinks Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf and people are cringing

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer has been mocked after appearing to be under the bizarre impression that Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf – while live on air.

During a recent episode of America’s Newsroom, the hosts discussed whether elementary schools should teach critical race theory (CRT). Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen suggested that youngsters should not be learning complex ideologies, and said CRT is better suited for college students.

But Hemmer said that he believed teaching CRT at university was “fair game.” He confidently recalled his intellectual curiosity in his early twenties, as he expressed his interest in socialist philosopher “Karl Marx” – but actually meant the dictator Adolf Hitler.

“I remember 20 years old going to Trier, Germany and trying to find the home of Karl Marx cuz, y’know, 1848 - he wrote Mein Kampf.

“I want to know what it’s all about”, he added.

While the broadcaster’s blunder later left him red-faced, Twitter found the segment hilarious after it went viral on social media. One said, “Remember today when @BillHemmer said on national tv that Karl Marx wrote “Mein Kampf.”

Another tweeted that the mistake was the epitome of Fox News, “Bill Hemmer not knowing Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf pretty much sums up FOX *news.*”

“I was so passionate about studying Charles Darwin at college I flew to England to try and find his house, because you know, he wrote The Satanic Verses, and that was like incredible”, a third Twitter user sarcastically added.

Hemmer later confessed on the show that he got his historical figures mixed up, “I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto.”

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