Fox News: ‘Crack babies’ come from women ‘smoking this whole marijuana business’

Another day, another Fox News expert. This time it was the turn of the Fox News 'Medical A Team' doctor David Samadi to warn the viewers of America's most popular news network about the dangers of marijuana.

Nothing wrong with that you might think. While many pro-legalisation campaigners have shown that its short-term effects are far less dangerous than alcohol and lots of other recreational drugs, it has also been linked with long-term mental health problems.

Marijuana is big news in the US at the moment, with a number of states recently legalising its distribution and use.

Fox used a video of possibly the world's biggest spliff to introduce the segment.

Dr Samadi began his assault on the drug with this crystal clear take down of recent studies...

So we know that you need less amount of alcohol to die, so they’re using death as a measure to see what’s dangerous and what’s not. So the effect of this toxicity, the toxicology dose, is different for a lot of these.

They’re extrapolating a lot of these animal studies and surveys that doesn’t make much of a sense and coming with this whole thing that pot is safer. Absolutely not, it’s a huge fraud in this particular study.

  • Dr David Samadi
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