Someone has invented a Fox News 'lie roulette'

It appears as though the Daily Show has decided to embrace a new medium in light of Jon Stewart's impending retirement.

But one thing remains the same: its dedication to myth-busting the stories of America's right-wing press. In just its second ever Vine, the talk show has created a huge viral hit with what the Daily Dot has described as the Fox News "bullshit roulette" - 50 Fox News stories (that are allegedly false) condensed into a six second clip.

Some of the stories the Daily Show says were far from the truth include the likes of "Obama offered to pay for Muslim culture museum" (debunked here) and "All the people getting banned from Facebook are Conservatives" (debunked here).

While there's too much information to take in all at once, you can click on the clip to pause on one of the "lies". Try it out for yourself...

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