Fox News launches cringeworthy comedy show and these are some of the most awkward clips so far

The longtime co-host of Fox NewsThe Five, Greg Gutfeld, decided he wanted to delve into the world of comedy with a new show.

But the first couple of episodes of ‘Gutfeld!’ this week flopped on social media, with clips going viral of flubbed delivery and forced laughter from the audience.

In one cringe moment, Gutfeld joked: “I’m as giddy as Kamala Harris explaining kids in cages or Woody Allen hearing about kids in cages.”

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He then presented a bunch of strange parodies, such as a weird mock-CNN panel where two white co-hosts are going back and forth about who is racist. Gutfeld also came for well renowned late-night hosts Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah, saying that they have to “run off to be obscure” together.

Jenna Friedman, a former Daily Show producer and Oscar nominee for writing Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, told the daily beast that Gutfeld reminds her of “the boss who’s jokes you’re forced to laugh at.”

Blair Erskine, who is well known for her mega mocking Twitter videos, had the funniest response about the show. “Why do I feel like he’s reading his opening manifesto from the teleprompter for the very first time? She said. “But more importantly, why is he white-knuckled clutching a clipboard holding what appears to be a stack of empty file folders?”

The President Show‘s Anthony Atamanuik was also confused by the “jokes.”

“It was a confused ramble containing five-year-old reference jokes woven into a toothless meandering stand against social media and corporations that concluded with an impotent humorless butter of self-importance,” he said.

It’s pretty safe to say that people are thinking the same thing—the show is not even close to being funny.

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